The Prosegur Foundation: Our social footprint

Building the future

The Prosegur Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which acts as a channel for the company’s social and cultural activities, the aim of which is to help build a society with greater solidarity, generating development opportunities for people.

Who we are

The Prosegur Foundation has a professional team which is headed up by its President, Helena Revoredo. The Board of Trustees is made up of representatives from the Prosegur Management Board and Executive Committee, who drive our social engagement and promote the foundation’s activities. This work is implemented on the ground with the support of the company’s organisational structure.

What we do

In the current context of digital transformation and the UN’s 2030 Agenda, the Foundation is driving projects in the fields of education, inclusion of people with disabilities both socially and in the workplace, and encouraging corporate volunteering. These initiatives are carried out in 14 countries over three different continents where the company has a presence.

How we do it

With an awareness and a sensitivity to local needs, our projects are implemented progressively in different areas, ensuring that we achieve the criteria of sustainability, transparency and following best practice. Teamwork and improvement processes govern the Foundation’s activities as it aims to be a vehicle for generating shared value for the company and for society.