Our Team


  • A team of dedicated experienced security professionals from the Police and Armed Forces to supervise and monitor the assignments.



  • Controllers man the 24-hour Operations Command Centre, operate the hotline, perform deployment, communicate with the assignments after midnight hours every night to ensure presence and alertness.



  • The trainers are qualified NSRS assessors and OJT instructors. Induction programmes, table-top and simulation exercises are conducted for familiarisation of assignment specifics and corporate culture. Refreshers are scheduled for all staff.


Security Personnel

  • All security personnel are screened by the SIRD and qualified. Fit and healthy, they have a minimum of secondary education and are trained to serve confidently and professionally. We firmly believe in employee education and training, and continually incorporate new opportunities for personal and professional growth in our programmes. Each officer is to meet a target of 40 training hours a year.



  • An independent department that checks and audits the Operations Team and ground officers.