Core Products

With the expertise of our consultants, you can better understand possible threats to your assets and receive a customised mix of security systems that meets your specific needs. Our scope of service includes the design, installation, maintenance, and upgrading of your security systems. We believe that our role extends long-term as we continuously progress forward to adapt to your changing needs.

Based on the current needs and trends in the market, we offer a range of security technologies that includes:


Intrusion Detection System

Prosegur Singapore provides a range of traditional alarm sensors for a variety of premises. This includes contact sensors, motion sensors, and heat sensors.

In recent years, the increasing affordability of advancing technologies have given rise to a whole new breed of verification detection systems that greatly improves security effectiveness and reduces operational costs. This is an incident-based intrusion system that streams short video feeds from the ground upon intrusion to allow better decision-making.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Reduce the cost of false alarms
  • Eliminate unnecessary disturbance
  • Fitted with night vision capabilities
  • Adapt to harsh and mobile situations
  • Operates on both wired and wireless
  • Remote interaction and maintenance
  • Stability of GPRS encrypted transmission
  • Compatible with more than 20 other devices
  • Remote access to more than 3800 event logs


All intrusion detection systems are accompanied by our Command Centre's monitoring and response services.


CCTV Security Surveillance

Prosegur Singapore offers a comprehensive range of surveillence cameras catered to your requirements.

Both analog and digital CCTVs on multiple premises can now be remotely monitored, and this off-site capability provides you greater cost savings and higher productivity. These cost effective devices are also compatible with dozens of other security systems, adapting to your specific needs.

The success of Security Analytics has also found its way into our line of products. This technology boosts effectiveness and operational productivity by 20%, and delivers you a level of precision and peformance only at a fraction of the price.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Can be integrated with existing analog cameras
  • Cost less than traditional security systems
  • In-built Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Eliminate human error and focus lapse
  • Comprehensive analytics applications
  • Outstanding day/night video quality
  • Reduce complex hardware set-up
  • Fitted with night vision capabilities
  • Analytics in all weather conditions
  • 500GB zero bandwidth recording


CCTV Security Surveillances are accompanied by our Command Centre's monitoring and response services


Security Management System

Prosegur Singapore presents a real-time security management tool that fully automates physical security processes, making recording and tracking of daily incidents simple. It turns the average guardhouse into a paperless security environment, enhancing operational efficiency tremendously.

You can now move on with technology and do away with thick report books that are difficult to look through. This system does away with illegible handwriting and reduces human errors. Every deployment site will be fitted with a desktop computer, a barcode scanner, and a bio-metric reader.

With information analytics, you can now leverage on your database and extract critical information for analysis. It is highly customisable and allows you to toggle analytics to make meaningful sense of data to identify trends and potential threats. Information can also be monitored by our 24-hour Command Centre.

The features of this system are:

  • Occurence & Daily Activity System
  • Visitor & Contractor Management
  • Staff Attendance Management
  • Vehicle Movement Tracking
  • Staff Deployment System


The benefits of this system are:

  • Boost productivity by 25% - 35%
  • Ease of use reduces cost of training secirity personnel
  • Ease of retriving information from the centralised server
  • Access real-time reports in response to emergencies


Security Management Systems are accompanied by our Command Centre's monitoring and response services.


Mobile Guard Tour Devices 

This is an advanced real-time patrol monitoring system that allows our 24-hour Command Centre to be notified of any form of incidents our security officers encounter while performing their patrolling duties. 

Instead of outdated clocking devices or bulky patrol sticks, officers are equipped with 3G-enabled smart phones. These RFID readable phones allow patrol officers to perform more security tasks with ease, enhancing operational effectiveness. The programmed route-guide ensures that patrol routes are strictly followed. Incidents encountered can be photographed with the phone's in-built camera and sent to the Command Centre via 3G technology for immediate action.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Speeds up decision-making in emergencies
  • Greatly reduces human error on written reports
  • Increases your effectiveness in ground and data management
  • Boosts productivity of security personnel through live monitorings


Mobile Guard Tour Systems are accompanied by our Command Centre's monitoring and response services.