Command centre

Prosegur Singapure Command Centre was built in 2007 to facilitate the demand of our monitoring and response services. It is supported by multiple back up systems to manage emergencies. In addition, the perimeter is secured by an access control system and a closely monitored CCTV to prevent unauthorised intrusion. The ECC is a 24-hour monitoring centre that actively safeguard your assets so you can focus on your core business with a peace of mind.

The role of the Command Centre includes:


Round-the-clock surveillance

  • With smart security software and analytic systems, the ECC is an additional security layer that remotely detects and reacts to situations, providing an effective answer to your security needs. Alarm monitoring services extends to other applications aside from intrusion detection and can be adapted to your specific needs.


Response team

  • In case of emergencies, the Prosegur response team will be scrambled to react immediately to the incident. The team is specially trained to assess your premise and take necessary actions according to the Standard Operating Procedures. This eliminates the need for you to be involved in false alarms and yet be duly informed if emergencies arises.


Patrol Management

  • Patrol guards at premises equipped with the Security Management System will be connected to the ECC via the patrol device. Reports and captured images tansmitted to the ECC will be evaluated and taken care of. This speeds up decision-making processes and ensures that threats are taken care of instantly.


Remote verification

  • With the rise of Remote Monitory Systems (RMS), the ECC can now react to alarm triggers remotely from video feeds. Real-time footages will be recorded and reviewed to decide on the next course of action upon detection. This reduces the cost of activating a response team and the hassle of responding to false alarms.